Monday, November 19, 2012

Today's Cup of Tea

I've figured that I want to present to you some of my teas, since I drink a lot of tea. I don't drink the "ordinary" teas though, like Lipton for example. I drink what's called herbal tea. They taste better (I think), and many of them you don't have to use sugar to, because they have naturally sweeteners like liqurice and fennel seeds (if you're used to use sugar in you tea). That means that the bitter taste, thar can be and many ordinairy teas, isn't there. Give herbal tea a chance if you don't like ordinairy tea! An other good thing is that most of herb teas are organic and muck more healthy for you and your environment, both good for you and the environment!
Anyway, here's Today's Cup of Tea!:

YogiTea: Sweet Chili

This tea is perfect if you're a little cold and tired after a long or cold day. It's a little spicy, but the aftertaste is very sweet, like you have put in sugar. It may sound weird, but it's actually really good on a hot summer day, as well! And a big bonus: it's totally organic.

Have you tasted this one?


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