Thursday, November 15, 2012

Easy Dinner Recipe

Today I wanted to share with you all an easy dinner recipe that's easy, yummy and doesn't take long time to make. Perfect if you're in a hurry! And healthy as well.

You will need:
- 1/3 of a bell pepper, sliced (I used a yellow one)
- 2 sausages (I used a coarse type)
- a handful of leeks, sliced
- 1-2 tbs of creme fraiche
- 1 ts of soya sauce
Look at my cute little frying pan! Love it<3

Heat up a frying pan.  Fry the sausages until cooked. Add the bell pepper and leek and cook for a minute. Then add the creme fraiche and soya and stir until a creamy sauce. Cook for a minute, and then it's ready! Salt and pepper as you want, but be careful with the salt, because the soya is very salty! Eat with pasta, or maybe rice or nothing else. I ate it with an avocado. Yummy!

Do you think it looks good?


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